Customized Research Services


HRC is a nonprofit consulting firm that provides a wide range of inexpensive and highly relevant research services to animal and environmental advocates. With years of experience in grassroots and national animal advocacy, we understand the complexities of the many issues that impact animals, as well as the need for advocates to have access to reliable, low-cost research.

Our Approach

HRC's research projects usually begin with a free consultation and walk-through of the research process (if needed). We will ask questions about your goals and help you identify the essential research issues for your project, then suggest cost-effective methods to answer only those questions that are critical to your campaign. We can also help you define your objectives through exploratory research or establish baselines to measure your program's impact.

HRC's Six Step Process

Our Services and Methods

HRC offers a wide range of consumer and market research services to help animal advocacy groups learn about their target audiences, create effective messages, and evaluate the success of campaigns and projects. Using these and other methods enables advocates to better target their audience(s), focus their messaging, and validate their materials or campaigns before they are ever printed or launched, potentially saving wasted resources on less effective approaches. These methods are also used to evaluate advocacy materials and campaigns already in place, in order to make changes or improve the effectiveness of similar efforts in the future.

Below is an overview of HRC's most popular services.

  • Research planning and design
  • Secondary research and analysis
  • Internet and "snail mail" surveys
  • Depth interviews and focus groups
  • Benchmarking and assessment studies
  • Materials evaluation and concept testing
  • Fundraising and donor research
  • Opposition research and analysis

Please contact us for a more detailed description of HRC's services and methods.

Our Fee Structure

HRC works almost exclusively for non-profit animal advocacy organizations and we cater our services to the tight budgets of both local and national groups. The quality of our services is equal to or greater than those of top-notch commercial research vendors, but our fees are well below market cost. Additionally, we offer a sliding scale for smaller organizations (in addition to our many free resources). Because HRC is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, we keep our salaries low and reinvest all of our income in new resources and services for animal advocates.

For more information about HRC's services, please download our brochure, below.

We all can do a better job of evaluating our programs and materials. Fortunately, we have an experienced, professional and affordable company to handle that part of our work -- the Humane Research Council.

Kim Sturla, Animal Place Sanctuary
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