Our History and Mission


The Humane Research Council (HRC) works directly with animal protection groups through discounted and pro bono projects and we empower individual advocates through independent studies and resources like HumaneSpot.org.

HRC is a team of research and communications professionals with strong personal commitments to animal protection. We formed HRC in early 2000 to improve conditions for animals by helping advocates gain access to valid, relevant, and insightful information. Since then, HRC has developed a comprehensive vision for the use of such research to help animals, and our team now includes many dedicated directors, expert advisers, employees, and volunteers.

HRC helps individuals and organizations realize their potential using proven research methods.

Our Mission Statement

The Humane Research Council empowers fellow animal advocates with access to the research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering.

Our Long-term Goals

  • Provide animal advocates with relevant, useful, and affordable research
  • Centralize, organize, and analyze essential research data for animal protection
  • Identify and promote the use of effective advocacy strategies and tactics
  • Increase animal advocates' awareness and utilization of HRC's resources

Our Clients

HRC is proud to work with a diverse array of national and local/grassroots organizations working on a wide variety of animal issues. Click here for a list of HRC's past and present clients.

Our Team

HRC's affairs are governed by a small group of experienced research professionals who serve as our directors, advisors, and employees. Click here to meet the members of our team.

More Information about HRC

Please also read our frequently asked questions about HRC.